4/5 Combs of Treatment-Free locally raised resilient stock with brood, pollen and nectar/honey on 19in bars.

Raised naturally, sustainably and mindfully without pesticides or miticides (including so-called "organic treatments" or essential oils)

2021 Top-Bar Hive Nuc 19" (Treatment Free)

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  • SOLD OUT, check back with us in March, or consider renting or buying a LangNUC-to-Top-BarNUC adapter from us.
    In addition, you may order quality BeeWeaver packages from the Hays County Beekeepers Association at www.HaysCountyBeekeepers.com/store until January 17 for local pickup early May at the HCBA Beekeeping Store on 12919 Nutty Brown Road.


    Our bees are locally bred and well adapted to local cycles of forage and weather. We make splits sustainably and when needed to prevent swarming in order to keep stress levels low and health strong.

    Our guarantees and key differentiators:
    1) We do not buy colonies from commercial beekeepers whose combs are contaminated by miticides, pesticides and fungicides, and we do not split heavily and artificially

    2) The queens in our nucs have never been banked or shipped shortly after mating, and they are the mother of the colony (not added to a few frames of bees)

    3) We do not pump our bees full of pollen patties and sugar syrup to push them artificially

    4) We do not resell treated bees bought from other suppliers as our own

    5) we raise our bees mindfully and 100% naturally, organically, with zero treatments