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Welcome to our Remote-Learning Beekeeping School!


In this day and age when all of us are connected internationally, and more and more people telecommute and learn online, we have decided to offer a portion of our beekeeping classes online to make them more accessible to all from the comfort of their home.

This works particularly well for the theory classes, but we are also working on ways to bring our hands-on classes closer to you as well, using modern technologiy and creativity: stay tuned for those, and subscribe to our Newsletter below to be the first one notified! 



How does it work?

  • To hit the ground running as we develop even more interactive solutions, we are currently using video conferencing technolog

  • On the schedule date and time (CST = US Central Time Zone),  you dial into the class using the information you receive upon signing up

  • You get the online presentation with us live,  and you get to ask your questions - which we will answer mindfully. 

  • To register for one of our Remote-Learning Beekeeping Classes:

    1. select your class level below

    2. select the date you would like to attend

    3. checkout

    4. follow the instructions you will receive shortly after that to log in



If for any reason you miss the class you registered for, or would like to repeat it, let us know and we will send you login info to a recorded version of it 


What about our Hands-On Classes?

  • While nothing can replace actual hands-on in the hives (we highly recommend you take one of our live hands-on classes in person for that), we will be doing our best to give you as close a hands-on experience as possible by making some of our hands-on sessions interactive.

  • Stay tuned for those!

Cancellation Policy:


We understand that life happens, and that you might not be able to attend a class or workshop you have registered for. In very rare occasions, we might have to cancel due to weather. While we are unable to refund booked programs, we strive to accommodate you as much as possible. Therefore, it is our pleasure to inform you that Bee Mindful class and workshop seats purchased may always be: 

  • Transferred or sold to anyone you want.

  • Moved to a different date.

  • Applied to a different class or workshop of equal or higher value.

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