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Bee Mindful owns the hives and the bees on your land, but you manage them at all times. You get to enjoy beekeeping or satisfy your Ag Exemption requirements without having to spend the upfront investment, and we are always there for you if you need help.


What's the catch?

Since bees are animals considered livestock, you must first qualify to be able to take care of them properly and maintain them in good health. Beekeeping training is therefore required, and you are responsible for the bees and their wellbeing. 

Terms of self management: 

  • One time apiary Setup Consulting Fee = $70 

  • Minimum 3 month contract

  • Register for and attend our 3-part class series of Natural Beekeeping (beginners, intermediate and advanced/hands-on classes)

  • attend Hays County Beekeepers Association monthly meetings at least 10 times per year (3rd Wednesday of each month), 

  • Commitment to not using chemical treatments in the hives. 

Bee Mindful reserves the right to come at any time and inspect the hives with a 24hr notice; and to remove them immediately if they are neglected or treatments are used.


How much does it cost?

  • 1 colony of bees: $100/month

  • 2 colonies of bees: $140/month

  • 3 colonies of bees: $200/month

  • 4 colonies of bees: $250/month

  • 5-10 colonies of bees: $300/month

  • 11-18 colonies of bees: $400/month



If you are interested, contact us here below: we will gladly answer your questions and confirm if this option is a good fit for you.

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