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What You Need To Know 

to make your beekeeping journey successful

So you think you are ready to embark on your beekeeping journey?

Before taking the plunge, check out these important topics, specially tailored for novice beekeepers.

We will guide you through crucial choices, such as defining your beekeeping philosophy, selecting a hive style and honey bee breed that works for you, choosing the right apiary location, finding quality education, and beyond.

Getting started in beekeeping can be overwhelming, and it's definitely not a casual, learn-as-you-go pursuit.

It requires thorough preparation to significantly boosts your likelihood of success.

There is a lot of good info out there, but also a lot of bad, contradicting information, especially in FaceBook and on YouTube.

We are here to help you weed through the noise, and focus on what matters the most to your success.

Collecting Pollen from Flower

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