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Did you know that honey is one of the most faked foods, both in the grocery stores and by unscrupulous beekeepers?


  • A lot of the honey sold in grocery stores is actually a blend of honeys from all over the world, heated  up to 180 degrees so it can be ultra-filtered at high pressure to remove all pollen in it and hide its origins, a process that kills the beneficial enzymes and natural benefits of raw honey.

  • Most of that is because it is illegally imported  through other countries from China, where it is cut with high fructose corn syrup to enhance profit margins.

  • Worse, it often contains dangerous chemicals and carcinogenic substances, such as the illegal antibiotics chloramphenicol, which can cause a potentially fatal bone marrow disorder

  • Suddenly that innocent plastic bear on your table sounds like lots of other Fake Foods at best, or like a danger to the health of your family at worst.

We are small local beekeepers, and we produce 100% of the honey we sell. Our honey is 100% raw, unfiltered, and manually harvested from our very own organically managed hives in a sustainable and mindful manner

  • We only sell the honey we have produced ourselves, unlike most larger honey providers who put their label on honey they have bought wholesale from larger suppliers and repackaged as their own.

  • Unlike most beekeepers out there:

    • we do not put pesticides in our hives, as they are ALL harmful to the bees and leave toxic residue in the wax and honey.

    • We manually and gently harvest our honey and comb honey, and only from the surplus the bees produce, rather than stealing all their honey and feeding them sugar syrup instead 

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