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Chunk honey is bite-size sections of delicious comb honey in a jar of liquid honey, so it's the best of both worlds. It is raw, unfiltered, and unadulterated straight from our organically managed hives.


Serve the comb on cheese boards or charcuterie boards for special occasions, or enjoy the luxury with your loved ones any time... Drizzle the honey on warm baguette and Irish butter for breakfast, or any other way you want!


The honey our bees produce is so pure and delicious, it tastes like liquid sunshine  with floral hints!
Try its delicate mouthfeel and you will feel like you are being transported to a busy hive, listening to the gentle buzz of the bees happily working.
Harvested from our organically managed hives around South Austin, our hyper-local honey is sustainably and mindfully harvested with love and gratefulness for the bees' sweet gift, then immediately lovingly hand-jarred to preserve its freshness and health properties.

Unlike most other beekeepers, we produce all our own honey and never buy from other beekeepers to resell, and we never put any harmful or toxic substances like pesticides in our hives.

We also never harvest unless the bees clearly have a huge surplus and we always leave more than what they need to grow strong and healthy.


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  • No returns or exchanges on food items

  • Purchases made in December include an organza gift bag and a $2 holiday discount

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