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100% beeswax candles burn 🔥 longer, brighter, and cleaner than other candles ...

they have a completely clean, non-toxic burn (unlike paraffin candles) and, just like lightning, produce negative ions when burning.


That means they clean the air like a great, natural air purifier, as these negative ions attach to positive ions floating in the air (from pollen, mold, odor or toxins), cleaning the air in the process. As such, they are said to naturally help decrease symptoms from common allergies.

  • We mindfully harvest beeswax from our organically managed hives in a very careful, sustainable and bee-friendly way, as we know how precious it is to the bees (it takes 8lbs of honey to make 1lb of beeswax).

  • We painstakingly render the wax, cleaning it from debris and harnessing the power of the sun to sanitize it and melt it in our hand-crafted solar wax melter.

  • We then use it in cosmetics and candles, which we carefully and lovingly hand-craft for discerning customers.



You may find our seasonal selection of lovely and smart candles in person at the HandMade Store at 12919 Nutty Brown Rd between Austin and Dripping Springs, or order here for in-person pickup or shipping

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