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('Les-Is-More' Horizontal Top-Bar Hives and matching NUCs)

  • This is a locator map of providers of Horizontal Hives following our Les Crowder 'Les-Is-More' plans as well as matching Top-Bar Hive NUCs of bees in the Americas.

  • Kindly note that this locator map does not guarantee availability or product quality: you would have to confirm that directly with the vendors listed. We merely provide this as a convenient way to source hives and NUCs that match the 'Les-Is-More' Horizontal Hive plans 

  • If you would like to be added to this map as a provider, kindly fill in the form below and certify that you are using the Les Crowder "Les-Is-More' hive plans to build your hives and/or grow your NUCs of bees. The goal is standardization of Horizontal Top-Bar Hives across the US, and interchangeability of comb between hive boxes, so the internal dimensions need to be strictly respected. Legs and roof designs are flexible.

  • Once vetted, you will be added to the map. 

  • If you would like to update your information or be removed from this map, simply email us at with your request and your entry will be removed. 

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