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Comb Honey is the rawest form of honey, completely unprocessed and straight from our organically managed, hyper-local hives to your table, looking gorgeous with its perfect hexagons and delicate wax lids on mini bee-built wax "containers". 

Absolutely decadent and entirely edible, comb honey even has health benefits and is good for the stomach thanks to beneficial enzymes, minerals and vitamins. 


Dazzle your guest or loved ones by adorning your cheese boards or charcuterie boards, use in cocktails, etc. 

A little bit goes a very long way as each cell is packed with delicious honey still sealed by delicate wax, so take small bites!


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  • We hand-cut and box up this luxurious delicacy with great care so you can display it with pride on your favorite cheese or charcuterie boards to treat your date, yourself or your friends to an incredible sweet and savory experience.

    Use it as is, in fancy cocktails, on your pancakes, in your morning yogurt, or as a decadent accent on ice-cream....

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