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Our Chemical-Free Teaching Apiary is the most comprehensive in the United States


It features a broad mix of hive styles thriving naturally, for a truly unique configuration and breadth of learning experience

in sustainable and modern beekeeping options. That's because we know that in beekeeping everyone has different

goals and styles; and that to make informed decisions and become better beekeepers, our students need to get

a comprehensive Hands-On experience in different types of hives and understand the Pros and Cons of each.

Therefore we have, teach about, and compare side-by side: 

Warré Hives,

Top-Bar Hives,

Langstroth Hives,

Long Langs,

Layens Hives, 

Flow Hives,

AZ Slovenian Hives

Our classes and workshops are taught by Natural Beekeeping experts Les Crowder and Nathalie Biggie (60 years of combined experience)


In our classes and workshops, we show you how to grow strong, productive, resilient colonies of happy bees, chemical-free and naturally, by leveraging known scientific principles and applying Beekeeping Best Practices as well as recommended IPM Pyramid Techniques.

You will learn common sense beekeeping tricks that are often free and can help you keep bees without spending money on

expensive and confusing treatments that can contaminate your honey and negatively impact your queen and your colony. 

You learn about cultural and mechanical ways to troubleshoot colony problems and keep your bees stress-free and

healthy the natural way, and how to control mites, disease, wax moths and beetles naturally so you can keep

pesticides out of your hives (including those so-called "organic"  treatments, because let's face it, they are

after all insecticides, whose role is tobe toxic to insects, and bees are .... insects!).  





BNB SERIES (3-part Becoming a Natural Beekeeper Series)

Graduates from the BNB Series Classes receive a Natural Beekeeper Certificate from

the Bee Mindful

Beekeeping University, signed by Les Crowder

  • Beekeeping 101 - Introduction to Honey Bees and Beekeeping

  • Beekeeping 202 - Intermediate Beekeeping 

  • Beekeeping 303 - Hands-On in the Apiary with Les Crowder





Other classes and workshops

  • Top-Bar Hive Making Class with Les Crowder

  • Seasonal Beekeeping Hands-On Workshops with Les Crowder

  • Honey Extraction Workshop

  • etc.




Cancellation Policy:


We are all aware that life happens, and that you might not be able to attend a class or workshop you have registered for. In very rare occasions, we might have to cancel due to weather or events out of our control. While we are unable to refund booked programs, we strive to accommodate you as much as possible. Therefore, it is our pleasure to inform you that Bee Mindful class and workshop seats purchased may always be: 

  • Transferred or sold to anyone you want.

  • Moved to a different date.

  • Applied to a different class or workshop of equal or higher value.

In addition, most of our programs are now available virtually/remotely, which means you can access them on your own schedule from the comfort of your home.

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