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Our inventory is below 12 as of 03/05/24 - order fast as these last few NUCs won't last!


4/5 Combs of fully Treatment-Free, resilient Local Survivor Stock, with brood, pollen & honey on 20in bars in a EZ NUC Box (made to fit only standard Top-Bar Hives, i.e. Les Crowder style Top-Bar Hives - free plans at or purchase at



These are tough, Texas-raised bees selected for productivity, varroa-sensitive hygienic behavior, health, and temperament.

Queens are raised from breeder queens of known VSH and Treatment-Free stock specifically selected for good temperament and overall productivity.

Sourced from Prime Bees in Central Texas for local Central Texas/Austin pickup.


This is what you will get:

  • corrugated plastic white EZ NUC box (yours to keep)
  • 4/5 Top-Bars of brood, resources, and bees, including 2+ bars of brood 
  • A 2024 Texas raised Treatment-Free Queen 
  • Pickup will be in the early Spring 2024 starting the first week of May, as soon as Prime Bees is ready to deliver the bees to our Driftwood pickup location (we will start sending pickup ready emails around April 2024, following order number priority - which is why it is important to pre-order early)


To become a truly proficient beekeeper, increase your beekeeping knowledge and your bees' chances of survival, consider registring for one of our comprehensive programs, taught by Les Crowder himself and Nathalie

  • Beekeeping Apprenticeship at
  • Beekeeping Intensive 3-day Workshops  at


To build your own full size hive to host these bees as they grow into a larger, fully established colony, consider using our free Les Crowder Top-Bar hive plans at


If you prefer to buy one of our Amish handcrafted kits or hives, go to

2024 Treatment-Free Top-Bar NUC colony

Out of Stock

    • First Come, First Served.
    • Order today to reserve your bees for Spring 2024 pickup in Austin, TX, as announced in the Spring.
    • All sales are final and non refundable
    • Bee Mindful is not responsible for product quality or delays in readiness. You will be refered to Prime Bees for issues withe quality of your order. Bee Mindful is only organizing a group pickup in Driftwood for our customers' convenience. If you do not agree to this policy, do not order this product.


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