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We offer presentations, workshops, Hive Tours, etc.


We offer adults and children all kinds of educational presentations about bees and beekeeping, tailored to either the general public or the beekeeping community. 

We regularly offer Hive Tours and Workshops as well as Beekeeping Classes. 

We also regularly speak at state and local beekeeping schools and seminars, as well as private and public events. 

We can even bring an Observation Hive with live bees cosily secured in their display case (no bees can escape) during the warm season and play Queen Spotting, as long as the event is not in full sun. 


If you would like your social group to learn more about any general or specific topics related to honey bees, (Honey Bee and beekeepign basics, bee biology, natural beekeeping, apitherapy, horizontal and vertical beekeeping, wax uses, etc.)  and our rates, kindly contact us through the message box below with your requirements: we can tailor our presentations and workshops to your audience and setup.  


We offer discounts to schools and charitable organizations, and have been known to provide presentations pro-bono to help our community (like at Community First! Village), Beeing Mindful that not everyone has the privilege to be able to afford costlly programs, however informative they are. 


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