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Raw, Unfiltered, Local HONEY

Hives for Ag Exemptions

Honey Jar
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Honey made naturally by the busy bees of


Without the use of pesticides in the hive

As Master Beekeepers, Les Crowder and Nathalie B. have over 65 years combined expertise in

Natural Beekeeping, Education and Professional Beekeeping Services. 

We currently manage almost 400 colonies in over 45 yards, most of which

Horizontal Frameless (Top-Bar) Hives, as they are much easier on the bees, and beekeepers' backs and wallets. 

Our specialty is Natural Beekeeping

We promote a strictly Pesticide-Free and sustainable approach,

and never use pesticides in our hives

(over 90% of beekeepers apply pesticides or toxic organic acids to their honey producing hives on a routinely basis)


Through our comprehensive Apprenticeship Program and our intensive workshops, we teach new beekeepers how to use the scientifically proven and efficient strategies of the Integrated Pest Management pyramid to help them increase their chances of success without dousing their bees and contaminating their wax or honey with toxic chemicals or caustic organic acids. 

With our help, you can begin your own beekeeping journey knowing you have given yourself and your colonies the best possible chances of being successful, naturally!





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Here at Bee Mindful, we are always mindful of giving back and helping our community while creating human connections transcending societal barriers. We have worked with Community First! Village, and have been hired by the Congolese government to design and lead (on-site) their country-wide beekeeping training program for at-risk youth and rural communities, so that they can make a dignified income and gain food security. We are also mirroring our efforts there in Texas, by donating hives and bees to local communities of Women and Youth refugees from the Congo, and donating our time and expertise to develop training programs for them in Houston and Austin. We also love to volunteer for WINROCK,

and have taught top-bar beekeeping to South Cameroon refugee women in IKOM, Nigeria.

Finally, through the youth scholarships and school hive programs we have created and continue to sponsor, we teach young generations mindfulness by showing them the ways of the bees, and how to respect our world and all who live in it.

We invite you to join us in person or in spirit in this mindful journey to create a kinder, better, more connected world through the love of the bees, 

because like we always say:


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