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Hives & Bees for Ag Exemptions
Raw, Unfiltered, Local HONEY

Les Crowder

As Master Beekeepers, Les Crowder and Nathalie B. have over 65 years combined expertise in

Natural Beekeeping, Education and Professional Beekeeping Services. 

We currently manage over 400 colonies in roughly 40 yards, a lot of which are

Horizontal Frameless (Top-Bar) Hives, as they are much easier on the Bees, and Beekeepers' Backs and Budgets. 

Our specialty is Natural, Treatment-Free Beekeeping

We promote a strictly Pesticide-Free and sustainable approach, and never use poisons in our hives

(over 90% of beekeepers apply pesticides or toxic "organic acids" to their honey producing hives on a routinely basis)


Through our acclaimed Apprenticeship Program and our intensive Workshops, we teach new and advanced beekeepers how to use the scientifically proven and efficient strategies of the Integrated Pest Management pyramid to help them increase their chances of success without dousing their bees and contaminating their wax or honey with poisons such as toxic chemicals or caustic organic acids. 

We invite you to join us in person or in spirit in this mindful journey to create a kinder, better,

more connected world through our common love of the bees, because like Les Crowder always say:


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