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Beekeeping has become extremely popular, and there are many classes and training programs available, locally and online. 


However, beekeeping is by nature a hands-on specialty husbandry activity that is both strongly seasonal and location dependent, with a steep learning curve. 

Success requires a lot of knowledge and hours of hands-on practice throughout an entire beekeeping year, and basic beekeeping programs and tours simply can’t possibly adequately cover everything a beekeeper needs to learn to truly understand the fascinating world of beekeeping and become successful.  Anything shorter than a full year fails to cover the seasonality of a honey bee colony yearly lifecycle and beekeeping activities, which is why our program features 12 monthly in-person credits.

Learning from beekeeping experts that happen to also be professional educators, and who together have managed thousands of different hives in different climates and countries, is the best way to become a confident, well-rounded and successful beekeeper. We'll teach you everything you need to know, how to avoid most common pitfalls, and even how to raise and sell queens and bees for profit.

 With over 60 years of combined beekeeping experience, and a comprehensive professional training program we have fine-tuned over years of teaching beekeeping to people from all countries, Bee Mindful is here to not only help you as an aspirational or existing beekeeper best protect your investment, but also to show you how to scale your beekeeping activities to generate income from your new-found passion.


Invest in your future as a successful beekeeper by registering for our uniquely comprehensive program, and receive your Professional Beekeeping Training Certificate. You will be working through an entire season and over 100 hours of in-person instruction, mostly in our comprehensive Teaching Apiary, which has dozens of colonies and 9 different types of hives, manual and professional extractors, solar wax melters, etc.


Side benefit: our students forge long lasting connections with each other and the rest of our beekeeping community, allowing them to build a strong support system and friendships with people that share the same passion for years to come.


Registration is open throughout the year and credit-based, so you  may register any time!

The goal of the program is to provide graduates the knowledge and training required to be able to:

- be a successful beekeeper

- use beekeeping as a source of dignified income and community building

- launch a small to medium scale beekeeping business

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