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This book guides readers through the fundamentals and specifics of natural beekeeping management, including managing colonies without pesticides, harvesting and processing honey and beeswax, and planting for pollinators. The emphasis is on Horizontal Beekeeping, but the principles apply to all types of bee hives.


Les Crowder has over 50 years of experience developing best practices in beekeeping. 


Advantages of Horizontal Top-Bar Hives

  • Horizontal Top-bar hives are double insulated, long lasting, inexpensive, and easy to build.
  • They make for calmer, healthier bees, and happier, more confident beekeepers.
  • They are also a back saver  and a more accessible hive for all, from the complete beginner to youth to physically impaired to advanced beekeepers. 
  • The natural, low-stress methods outlined in this bool are perfect for homestead and hobbyist beekeepers who would like to keep their bees naturally and holistically.
  • Horizontal Top-bar hives can host two colonies in one box, which makes beekeeping cheaper and more convenient.
  • For more info on these, including an entire podcast listing their many advantages, free plans, building and management instructions, go to

Natural Beekeeping BOOK ONLY - Signed by Les Crowder

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